What is the role of God’s grace?
When you get God’s grace, all the planets will be in your favor. You must ceaselessly try to win God’s grace. Never give up the search. Do your duty and God’s grace will follow.
Divine Discourse 14 Jan 1997
Is god’s grace universal? Are there any qualifications required for receiving God’s love and Grace?
Remember the example of Rama who sacrificed the kingdom for honouring the words of his father. Dhasharatha yearned for Rama to administer water to him in his last moments. Unfortunately he did not get it. But Rama performed the last rites for the eagle Jatayu, when he cried “Rama! Rama!” in his last moments. Jatayu secured the ministration which even Dhasharatha could not get. For receiving God’s grace there is no distinction such as an animal, a bird or any other creature. Wherever there is devotion, there God’s presence can be experienced.
Divine Discourse 23 Jan 1997
What is the importance of human efforts to earn God’s grace?
God’s grace goes with human effort. Earlier two teachers spoke about their experiences and extolled Dhaiva-shakthi (power of the Divine). But this Divine power does not operate independent of human effort. In fact, every individual has this Divine power. They are invoking Divine power as an auxiliary to their own power, which comes from the Divine. Failing to recognise their inherent divine power, they attribute it to someone other than themselves.
Divine Discourse 9 Oct 1997
How to receive divine protection?
EMBODIMENTS of Love ! Vishvasam (faith or confidence), Sahasam (daring or determination), Dhairyam (courage), Buddhi (intelligence), shakthi (energy) and Parakramam (valour)—when a man has these six qualities, the Divine will stand by him in all his endeavours. In any age or at any place or in any circumstance, these six good qualities are essential. No worry will haunt any man who has these six virtues. These six qualities cannot be acquired by education not can they be imparted by any preceptor. Not can they be inherited from one’s parents. These qualities are secured only by Aathma-vishvasam (Self-confidence).
Divine Discourse 25 Dec 1997
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