How to face criticism?
Develop the quality of kshama (forgiveness) and refrain from harshness in speech. Sai is the example for you in this regard. All sorts of people indulge in calumny and criticism. Swami remains totally unaffected. Why should I follow their example? I must follow my own way. If I follow another I am a slave. Therefore, I never follow another’s ways. I adhere firmly to what I deem as good.
Divine Discourse 14 Jan 1997
How to prevent criticism?
Do not indulge in criticism of others. Count your own faults and rectify them. See the Divine in one and all. Elevate the quality of human life by living in amity with all. Chanting the name of God is the sure means of cultivating this universal love.
Divine Discourse 11 April 1997
How should my attitude be in fault finding?
Some persons consider small defects in others as huge mistakes and criticize them while they ignore even great drawbacks in themselves. This is highly improper. The correct method is to magnify your own small mistakes and consider them as big mistakes and the big mistakes of others as small ones of no consequence. That is how you can control the commission of errors. With this attitude, you will be able to realise the Divine.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
How to respond to those who criticize faith in God?
If some are questioning your faith in God, tell them that He is in your heart and the others have no business to question your belief. Have strong and unshakable faith. Be fearless and avoid “crying”. You have to shed only tears of devotion to God. Such tears have spiritual meaning, because Naara means water and Nayana means ‘eyes’. Both together make Naarayana. Difficulties are like passing clouds. There are no permanent clouds at all.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997
How to practice equanimity?
People must try to purify the environment in which they are living. There is no peace or harmony anywhere. Devotees should try to purify and sanctify this atmosphere by developing love and practicing human values. They may meet with opposition or discouragement from some quarters. They should overcome these obstacles. These critics are like the pests which can destroy extremely valuable things. Those engaged in welfare activities should not bother about these critics but carry on their good work according to the dictates of their conscience. This point has also been made by the Chief Minister. When you are convinced that you are doing what is good for the people, why bother about the criticism of small-minded men? Develop self-confidence.
Divine Discourse 11 Oct 1997
How does goodness ensure courage in character?
No one need be afraid of what others say or think as long as one is doing the right thing according to his conscience. Courage should go along with good action. If your heart is good, no harm can come to you.
Divine Discourse 11 Oct 1997