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With the Divine Blessings of our Beloved Swami, our District – “Kanchipuram South”, was formed on 8th February 2009, from “Kanchipuram” District, which was a single district comprising of many Samithies in north and south part of Kanchipuram.

Formerly Kanchipuram District was formed from integration of Chengalpattu District Samithites and other centers towards the greater part of Chennai then.

Kanchipuram South was blessed with many devoted District Presidents who dedication shaped our district from the scratch to an actively growing district, with multifarious activities, initiatives, accolades to the deserving people then and there.

By efforts of Shri.Ramakrishnan, former District President of Kanchipuram, many Samithies were formed from North end to South end, which are functioning till date with active participation in Parthi Seva. Focus was given equally to Seva, Spiritual and Educational wings of our organization such that general public can get to know it and become a member of our district to render their service.

Shri.Varadhan, former District President of Kanchipuram, developed many Samithies and strengthened them to perform various Spiritual and Seva activities in different new ways. He tenure saw many newly formed Samithies performing BalVikas programmes, Study Circles, Free Eye Camps, Medical Camps, etc., only to name a few.

We also participated in a pilot programme which was designed in such a way that a group of Sevadals stay in the village for a week and live together with their people and render service along with inspirational spiritual activities like Bhajans, Villupaattu, and other programmes.

Shri.Vijayakumar, former District President of Kanchipuram South, focussed on imporving the betterment of Samithies and Bhajana Mandalies to expand our organization. We approached taking counselling courses to college students (almost all colleges) in our area. We started Disaster Management Camps in our District which were performed in many colleges in our surrounding and many students and general public benefited from it.

Various Sapthagams were conducted which attracted more number of crowds in many places in our district. These programmes were held in a large scale and was a platform to collaborate with general public.

Current District President, Shri.N.Shankaranarayanan, upgraded two Bhajan Mandalies into Samithies (Maraimalai Nagar and Madambakkam), opened new Bhajana Mandalies and encouraged wide Seva activities across all Samithies of the District with a focus on improving Bal Vikas centres. Few Balvikas centres were also opened in this financial year of the report.

Currently our district has 17 Samithies and 20 Bhajana Mandalies actively rendering service.

Disaster Management Training and Vocational Skill Training are also actively conducted at various schools and at adopted Villages with cluster of Samithies.

We see our district develop by focusing on all three wings of our organisation, and involving general public to part in them. This was the key to our growth as a District.

Office Bearers

Sl no Role Name
Mobile No Email Id
1 District President N Shankaranarayanan 9840116129 durasign@yahoo.co.in
2 District Educational Coordinator Meenakshi  Sankaranarayanan 9789056129
3 District Spiritual Coordinator (Male) R Venkataraman 9790403946 rvsaivenkat51@gmail.com
4 District Spiritual Coordinator (Female) Kamakshi Saairaam 9003240634 kamu91@gmail.com
5 District Service Coordinator (Male) P R Narayanan 9840088577
6 District Service Coordinator (Female) Vasanthi Kalimuthu 9543395709
7 District Youth Coordinator (Male) N Rathinakumar 8428021133 rathinak79@gmail.com
8 District Youth Coordinator (Female) S Sathyabama 9543395709 ssathyabama1984@yahoo.com
9 District DM Coordinator V Thiyagarajan 9884859651 tell2thiyaga@gmail.com
10 District IT Coordinator (Male) M S Saairaam 9600604077 mssaairaamz@gmail.com
11 District IT Coordinator (Female) Sai Gayathri 9600155707 saigayathri42@gmail.com
12 District Veda Coordinator Jaidev Balaji 8778865951 jaidevbaalajee@gmail.com
13 District Mobile Hospital Coordinator K Swaminathan 9940206080 guru.swaminathan62@gmail.com
14 District Village Coordinator B K Mohan 9941170329 rajimohanbk@gmail.com
15 District PS Coordinator Ravi Mohan Rao 8072045460 ravi_rao438@yahoo.com
16 District Bhajan Coordinator (Male) P R Neelakandan 7845708817 neelajoinsu@gmail.com
17 District Bhajan Coordinator (Female) Padma Balakumar 9952990221
18 District SSS Vidhya Jyothi Coordinator A T Murali 9840247387 at_murali@yahoo.co.in