How can we realize our inner divinity?
Every human being should strive to destroy the Ahamkara (ego). Unless the ego is eradicated, Divinity cannot be realized. Consider this example. Here you are, devotees who have come from distant parts of the world at great expense and trouble. Who sent you any invitation? Why have you come here? You have come to experience the love of Swami. Swami is moving amongst each of you with joy and laughter and filling you with happiness. It is because of Swami’s abundant love that you are drawn to this place. If ego prevailed here, none of you would come here. It is the total absence of ego that attracts you to Swami. This was the feeling that animated the gopis of Brindhavan. Their only desire was to be near Krishna at all times and in any condition.
Divine Discourse 7 March 2021
What should we be proud of?
There is one other disease with which all are afflicted to varying degrees. It is the disease of Ahamkara (egoism). There is no basis at all-for this conceit. There is no reason at all for anyone feeling proud about one’s wealth or any other possession. The only thing about which one should feel proud is one’s goodness. People should cultivate love and cherish the feeling of oneness with all beings.
Divine Discourse 10 April 1997
What is the way to overcome egoism?
This egoism has no real basis because the individual is an insignificant speck in the vast cosmos. it is born of ignorance. This ignorance will go if man realises that the whole universe is permeated by the Divine and belongs to the Divine. Everyone should do what is good and never forget God. That is the way to overcome egoism.
Divine Discourse 16 July 1997