Why should I give up selfishness?
By pure love, you should establish unity with the Divine. The path of Prema (love) is the straightforward road to realise the Divine. The human life is a journey from ‘I’ to ‘We’. It is also progressing from Svam to Soham (individual self to the state of merger with the divine). This means that everyone of your actions must be done as an offering to God. But, nowadays people start their journey from ‘I’ and come back to the same “I”. This is selfishness. The day you give up selfishness you are on the right path.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
How to get rid of selfishness?
Every human being is infested with immortality. He is the embodiment of Love. Unfortunately he fails to share this love with others in society. The root cause of this condition is the fact that man is consumed by selfishness and self-interest. All his words, thoughts and actions are inspired by self-interest. He has become a puppet in the hands of self-interest. To get rid of selfishness, man has to engage himself in selfless service and chanting the name of God.
Divine Discourse 14 Sep 1997