Why should we align with the Indian cultural heritage?
Bharatheeyas today have not attempted to understand the greatness of their cultural heritage. On the other hand, many people in foreign countries have explored the treasures of this vast reservoir of knowledge and benefited from it in many ways. The Russians and the Germans made ample use of the Rig Veda and Atarvana Veda to promote their national interests. The Atarvana Veda is a source of valuable knowledge regarding the arts and weapons of war. In India today no one seems to bother about the Atarvana Veda.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
Why do we have all our ancient scriptures and mantras in Sanskrit only?
Bharatheeya culture is entirely based on Sanskrit. All Bharatheeya students should recognize Sanskrit as the mother of all Indian languages. Without a knowledge of Sanskrit, one cannot understand the elements of Bharatheeya culture. Recognizing the value of Sanskrit, Russia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia and other countries are introducing the study of Sanskrit in their educational curriculum.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
What is the greatness of Indian culture worldwide?
You may be aware from your study of books or from other sources that Indonesia has named its airlines as Garuda Airways. Garuda is the divine bird which is the vehicle of Vishnu, according to Indian mythology. The banks in Indonesia are named after Kubera, the Hindu deity representing wealth. While Bharatheeya culture is surviving so prominently in overseas countries, it is not so well appreciated in Bharath itself.
The first President of Indonesia was Dr. Sukarno. His father was a great student of the Mahabharatha. Admiring the great qualities of Karna as a warrior and a magnanimous donor, who never refused anything which a supplicant sought from him, the father named his son Sukarno, though he was a Muslim. In this manner, foreigners cherish what is great in Bharatheeya culture. But, Bharatheeyas, oblivious to the glory of their culture, are imitating occidental practices.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
What does Bharatheeya signify?
Bharatha. It is derived from, the two words- “Bha” meaning “effulgence” and “Ratha” meaning “to rejoice”. The heart is the source of effulgence. Bharatheeya is one who rejoices in the effulgence emanating from the heart. Every man is attracted to the heart. God is not confined to any particular place. His main abode is the heart.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
Where does the real power of Bharat lay in?
In the Mahabharatha, you have the Pandava brothers of whom Dharmaja is the eldest. Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva are the other brothers in order of their age. Now you have America and Russia leading in the world in technological skill and destructive power. But Bharath is like Dharmaja. Even though Bheema and Arjuna were endowed with more strength and valour than Dharmaja, they always bowed to him. Now Bharath is the nation upholding Dharma. When once you develop Dharma there is no need to attack or harm anyone. Hence no need to have destructive weaponry.
Dharma is the Asthra (weapon). Sathya is the Bhavam (attitude). Truth is common to all countries in the world. If you practice Sathya and Dharma, you have no need to have bombs.
Divine Discourse 18 July 1997
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