How to understand Swami’s true commands?
Don’t distort Swami’s teachings for convenience. In following Swami’s teachings people tend to follow them according to their convenience. For instance, when Swami said that there is only one caste, the caste of humanity, this statement is used as authority for uninhibited marriages between any two persons. This is a travesty of Swami’s teaching. Caste differences are to be eliminated. But cultural differences should be respected. Swami has emphasized that every cultural group should adhere to its culture. Swami’s teachings should be adhered to in their entirety and not selectively according to one’s convenience.
Divine Discourse 8 March 1997
I always get hesitated to show me as devoted person!!how should I overcome and ignore the crowd?
When Lava and Kusha went about singing the glories of Rama they had no nervousness or apprehension. Today, young persons hesitate to put on any auspicious marks on the forehead when they visit temples and do not venture to fold their palms in reverence when they meet elders. On the contrary, Lava and Kusha forgot all bodily considerations and sang from their hearts the glory of Rama. They thus taught what is relevant to youths today–the path to a God-oriented life. There is nothing greater than chanting the name of the Lord. People are eager to listen to gossip. But the ears are deaf to the sweet names of God. You do not hesitate to go to the films endlessly; But your eyes find it hard to look at God in the sanctum. What for are the eyes given? What for do you have ears? You should remember God’s name and go to the abode of God.
Divine Discourse 16 April 1997
How should youth be in today’s era?
Young men and women! The prosperity and well-being of the world depend on the conduct of the youth. Only when their conduct is good, the world can have an ideal future.
Divine Discourse 16 July 1997
How important it is for the youth to be in the spiritual path?
Nowadays youth are reluctant to wear Vibhuthi on their foreheads and participate in Nagarasankeerthan. They go forward quite willingly and openly for indulging in wicked deeds but feel shy to participate in singing the glory of God. They revel in singing cinema songs of low taste while they fight shy to sing the Divine Names. To spend life in such unholy pursuits is a wasteful exercise and will not bring credit. Morality is the backbone of the community and a society of people bereft of moral values is worse than the jungle infested by wild animals. Even beasts have season and reason while man has lost both.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997
How should one dress?
You should develop also the discipline of simple living and high thinking. You should avoid gaudy dress. Your white dress reflects the inner purity of your heart. Dress should be simple but clean.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997
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