What kind of heart is the abode of the divine?
“Na cha Dharmo Dhayaa samah.” There is no right conduct equal to compassion–for the simple reason that a compassionate heart is the abode of the Divine. Where there is compassion there is no need for other acts of charity.
Divine Discourse 9 Oct 1997
What is the significance of being compassionate?
Compassion is the basis of the world (daya moolam idam jagat). The five basic elements, the sun, the moon, and night and day all function on the basis of compassion (daya). The heart filled with compassion is divine. Even if others talk to us harshly, we should always speak amiably. One can find fulfillment in life only with compassion and mercy. One may be a Brahmin, a demon, or a king, one may do a lot of yoga, one may grow beard like a renunciant, one may smear one’s forehead with ash, one may keep on chanting names of God, but one avails nothing without possessing a heart full of compassion. Although compassion is a natural quality, people are not able to realise this. The entire world is based on kindness.
Divine Discourse 27 April 1997