What are the traits of a good human being?
For a good son, who is a student, five things are essential. First is Vidhya (right education). Vidhya means that which expels darkness (the darkness of ignorance). Second is Vijnana (discrimination). This refers to the power to discriminate between the permanent and the transient, the true and the false. Third is Kramashikshana (discipline). Discipline is not got from books. Fourth is Dheshabhimanam (love for one’s country and people). Fifth is Sathseelam (good character). Only the person endowed with these five qualities can be regarded as a man of virtue.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
What is the difference between goodness and greatness?
Good man by his good conduct achieves greatness. Ravana sought to achieve greatness but did not strive to lead a good life. Rama’s career is different. He aspired only to be a good man and did not seek greatness.
Divine Discourse 16 April 1997
Difference between goodness and greatness.
People should realise the distinction between “greatness” and “goodness”. Most parents want their children to acquire greatness. But they have no true idea of what is greatness. They may desire that their children should become great scholars, get big jobs and acquire large wealth. Do these constitute greatness? No. Man is the one who sees the human in God. But the one who sees God in human is a good man. The mark of goodness is to see the divinity in every man. There is no use in acquiring greatness without goodness. You must seek goodness and not greatness.
Divine Discourse 16 July 1997
How important are the human values in life?
The five vital airs in man are termed as Pancha-pranas. In reality Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa–the five human values should be deemed as the five-fold life breaths or Pancha Pranas— Prana, Apana, Udhana, Samana. and Vyana (the incoming, outgoing, upward flow, even and circulating breaths). Since the values constitute the life-breath, one who does not radiate the value in his actions is deemed to be lifeless!
Divine Discourse 18 July 1997
How to get rid of the six cardinal enemies of man?
The foremost task is to fill the hearts with love. Then their entire life will be transformed and every act will be suffused with love. This love is “positive” and man should strive to foster the positive qualities. Being human, men should develop positive qualities like compassion and forbearance.
Divine Discourse 25 Feb 1998