How to attain purity of heart?
From today try to cleanse the heart of whatever impurities there may be in it. How is this to be done? One, by meditating on God. Secondly, by service to society. By these two alone is purity of the heart achieved. If you secure the love of God, you can secure anything. There is love in you. Use it to win the love of God.
Divine Discourse 7 April 1997
Why purity in thought is very essential?
All things in the world should be used properly, and not misused. A knife can be used for cutting vegetables or another’s throat. How a knife is used depends on the man using it. His mental state should be in proper condition. A man’s conduct is related to his thoughts and feelings. The heart is inherently pure. But one’s thoughts can pollute it or keep it pure. One can make or mar his destiny by his thoughts and actions.
Divine Discourse 16 July 1997