How to save my energy?
Time is God. Therefore you should not waste time. Excessive talk is waste of time. When you switch on the Radio and listen to all unnecessary programmes the current is wasted. The body is like a Radio Receiver. Chanting the name and singing the glory of God are useful. But while you indulge in unnecessary gossip, the energy is wasted. In doing wicked deeds also, you waste energy, thereby facing dangerous consequences too. By adhering to the twin ideals of Sathya and Dharma (Truth and Righteousness) you can sanctify your life and avoid wastage of the precious energy that you are endowed with.
Divine Discourse 18 July 1997
Why should one practice silence?
You must make it a practice to observe silence for at least one hour daily. It saves your cosmic energy and ensures peace of mind.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997
How do the sense organs help retain good memory?
The ancient Indian Sages practiced silence as a spiritual discipline because they realised the myriad benefits derived from Mounam (silence). Swami Vivekanandha learnt a valuable lesson when he found that after ten days of endless talk he had forgotten all the shlokas he had learnt by heart. By practicing complete silence for a fortnight he got back his memory powers. People should realise that God’s grace is secured by the sacred use of the senses endowed on man by the Divine.
Divine Discourse 6 Oct 1997