Is non-violence only crucial in deeds?
From his childhood, Buddha could not bear the sight of anyone in pain.
He was saddened at the sight of the old ill-treating the young, of men in authority harassing the people and the big fish swallowing the small ones. He realised that it was wrong for anyone to cause harm to others. Hence he declared: “Ahimsa Paramodharmah” (Non-hurting is the Supreme Dharma). No one should cause hurt to others by speech, action or in any other way. According to him true Dharma (Righteousness) consists in refraining from causing harm to anyone in thought, word or deed.
Divine Discourse 15 May 1997
How to practice help ever hurt never?
You are all embodiments of the Divine. So you should love all and never hurt anyone. If you harm anyone, you are harming the Divine. St. John used to consider all as his brothers. But, on one occasion he punished one brother. Jesus appeared in his dream and questioned him, “Do you think you are hurting that man? No, you are hurting Me.” You should understand this truth that any harm done to a fellow being is harming the Divine. You should cultivate the spirit of oneness.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997