Where can we find peace?
Peace, truth and love are inherent in man. Why do you search for them outside? Manifest these qualities which are within you. You must cultivate forbearance and compassion. This is the way to foster the love principle.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
What is the cause of peacelessness?
What is it that is permanent in this world? What is the purpose of human life? When one puts these questions, he does not get the right answers. Men pursue studies, jobs, wife and children in the search for happiness. They find no peace in any of these. Why? Desires are the cause of peace less-ness. Without purifying the heart, all desires can only lead to unrest. Moreover, impurity in the heart is the source of many diseases. When the heart is pure, man will be free from disease.
Divine Discourse 11 April 1997
What type of penance leads to peace?
EMBODIMENTS of Love! No penance can be equal to peace. Real penance consists in not leading the life of an ascetic in a forest but in worshipping God in thought, word and deed. Where is the need for any penance to acquire peace if that peace is already present in the heart? Peace can be got when one’s vision is turned inward.
Divine Discourse 9 Oct 1997
What is the remedy for worrying?
Human life is filled with worries of all kinds from birth to death. The only way to get rid of all these worries is to turn your mind towards God and think of Him at all times.
Divine Discourse 11 Oct 1997