What is truth and how important it is to adhere to truth?
EMBODIMENTS of the Divine! young men and women! Truth is God. It is only through Truth you can get peace, plenty and prosperity. Truth only bears the wealth of the whole world. There is no greater Dharma than Truth. The mansion of Dharma is raised on the foundation of Truth. Though people may follow several spiritual paths, Truth is the most important of all. Anywhere and at any time, for any individual, Truth is absolutely essential. Because Truth is forgotten, the whole world is in turmoil. It is only from Truth that all creation has originated, including human beings. The whole creation merges back into Truth. One who follows Truth and Righteousness will always be successful. Mere strength of armoury, valour, skill and ability will not do. These are only worldly and external powers. The power of Truth is supreme. To foster Truth and Righteousness is the bounden duty of man. He should recognise the importance of harmony on thought, word and deed.
Divine Discourse 18 July 1997
How can I implement truth in my speech at all times?
You should lead a life of morality and character. The Upanishath says: “Sathyam Bruyaath” (speak Truth). This is the physical aspect of the directive. “Priyam Bruyaath.” This is the Dharmik or virtuous aspect which means you should speak Truth in a nice and palatable way. Next is “Na Bruyaath Sathyam apriyam.” This is the spiritual aspect. You should avoid speaking even truth when it is not pleasing the person. At the same time, simply because it satisfies the other person, don’t speak untruth. It is written on the board “Truth is God.” This is not enough. You should have this imprinted in your heart.
Divine Discourse 18 July 1997