Who is one’s best friend?
God is your best, unfailing friend at all times. All others are mere time-servers. People waste their lives believing in such petty fair-weather friends. Your best friend is residing in your heart as the Indweller.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
Who should we trust in this world?
On the journey of earthly life, people take some wealth for expenses and when they finish the journey and reach the goal, they hand over the balance to some trustworthy friend and sleep soundly. Everyone brings the wealth of love from the moment of his birth. In this Karmakshethra (field of activity) that is the world, it is difficult to safeguard the treasure of Prema (love). Therefore, everyone should look for a faithful friend. Today, the only true friend is God. When you hand over the wealth of love to God, it will be easy for you to care on a life of security and peace.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
Why should one consider God as a best friend?
Try hard to have friendship with God. He is the only real friend. The world is the book, time is the teacher and God is the true friend. Your worldly friends will stay with you as long as you have power and position. Nobody will talk to you when you lose these. As long as you have money in your pocket, they will say, “Let’s go to the hotel, let’s see a movie.” They will go away as soon as your pocket becomes empty. This is the nature of friendship.
Make God your best friend; Do not waver. Only God is your eternal friend. He will never leave you; He will never let you down. You should merge with Him.
Divine Discourse 29 April 1997