What is the purpose of education?
Education is the means of unfolding the moral and spiritual potentialities of man. Education reveals to man what is right and what is wrong.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
What attitude should a student posses for acquiring education?
In this context, a change in the student’s attitude is also necessary. There should be a change in the student’s approach to the educational process. Only then can he secure true education. All along education has remained an exercise in acquiring bookish knowledge. What is needed today is practical knowledge. Every student should acquire a good character, moral values, and develop a spiritual bent of mind. These three constitute true learning.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
What is the true purpose of education?
Vidhya means acquisition of knowledge. In the English language this is called “Education”. The term education is derived from the Latin term educare, which means “drawing out”. The idea is to draw out what is latent. Acquisition of knowledge is a worldly aspect. But what has to be discerned is the divine feeling present in the human heart. One refers to living and the other to life itself. In addition to earning a living, one has to understand the purpose of life. Both these aspects are as essential as the two eyes for a person.
Divine Discourse 22 Nov 1997
What are the characteristics of a good student?
“Sarva loka hithe rathaah.” (Let all rejoice in the well-being of all people in the world). “Sarve jnaana Sampannaah.” (Let all possess wealth of all knowledge). “Sarve Samhitha gunaihi.” (Let all be endowed with good qualities). These are three main pronouncements regarding the educated persons. This implies that every student, after completing his studies, should dedicate himself (or herself) to serving society. For this service, one should acquire all the necessary knowledge. Students should have all good qualities. A good student should promote a calm atmosphere wherever he stays. He should be ever prepared to help others. These are the marks of a good student.
Divine Discourse 22 Nov 1997
Is secular knowledge the only path for success?
Students! Boys and Girls! Together with academic education you have to acquire wisdom and a sense of right and wrong. Knowledge without wisdom, scholarship without determination, music without melody, learning without humility, a society without discipline, friendship without gratitude, speech without truth–all these are utterly useless. Hence everyone should seek to follow the correct path.
Divine Discourse 22 Nov 1997
What is the hallmark of true education?
Humility is the hall-mark of true education. Humility does not mean moving about with a bowed head. It calls for respect to humanness.
Divine Discourse 22 Nov 1997