How does the intellect help us succeed?
“Buddhih Karmanusarini” (Actions determine the course of the intellect). In the actions performed by the person, there are two types: the proper and the improper. Man’s intellectual tendencies depend on the nature of his actions, good or bad. Bad actions pollute the intellect. Good deeds purify the intellect. Hence the condition of the intellect is determined by one’s actions.
Divine Discourse 8 March 1997
What are the warning signs in spiritual path?
There were four signs from providence about what was in store for man. The first warning comes from grey hair. If this is ignored, then cataract appears dimming the sight. The third message from providence is the appearance of wrinkles. The fourth warning comes when the hands and feet begin to tremble. If all these are ignored the final end comes at the appointed time. It is essential that everyone should cultivate a broad outlook. Everyone should recognise that God is the indweller in every heart. Then alone humanness will become meaningful and redemptive.
Divine Discourse 14 Sep 1997
What are the cardinal principles of life?
You have to cherish three cardinal principles—Fear of sin, Love of God and Moral life in society. That you will foster your devotion in this manner.
Divine Discourse 22 Sep 1997