How should one make good use of the rarest blessing of a human life?
What is the root cause of man’s birth in the world? What are the duties of man? No one seeks to recognise the inherent divinity in man. Young men and women today waste a good deal of their time, without realising, the preciousness of human life. There are two qualities in man. One is the animal nature; the other is humanness. Unfortunately man is forgetting his humanness by falling a prey to the six enemies–lust, anger, greed, envy and others–and misusing his God-given talents. He thereby degrades himself to the level of the animal. On the other hand, man should use his mind, status, and talents to become virtuous, pursue the path of righteousness and strive to raise himself from the human to the Divine.
Divine Discourse 16 July 1997
How does food help in controlling the mind?
To control the mind the ancients resorted to various disciplines including food control. They fasted on full moon day and gradually increased their intake up to new moon day. From the next day they gradually reduced their intake till full moon day. Students need not resort to this discipline now, but they should avoid caring excessive food.
Divine Discourse 7 Oct 1997
How perfectly make use of this Human body?
The body is meant to undertake righteous actions (Sariramadyam khalu dharma sadhanam). The body has been given to perform righteous deeds and to act with discrimination. People should perform the duties enjoined on them. The body has no power of discrimination or knowledge; Only the mind and intellect have discrimination (viveka), knowledge, and power. People today do not exercise fundamental discrimination. They have only selfishness, selfishness, selfishness. They use their intelligence to obtain what is good for themselves alone, without giving attention to the good of society. In this way, they use the body in wrong ways. They do not use it to follow the path that leads to enlightenment.
Divine Discourse 26 April 1997
Do I need to give up physical well-being in order to progress in spirituality?
Many people in the pretext of devotion neglect the upkeep of body. It is not correct. When the body becomes weak, the mind also becomes weak. Keep body, mind, intellect and mind-stuff in good condition to attain success in spiritual discipline (sadhana).
Divine Discourse 28 April 1997