What are the lessons to be learnt from nature?
Every man is a son of Bhudevi (Mother Earth). As a mother, Bhudevi is teaching many lessons to her children. She calls on her children to learn everything from herself instead of going after other preceptors. “Scholars and intellectuals are cutting me to pieces to acquire knowledge and conduct their experiments,” laments Mother Earth. “They are subjecting me to great suffering by their diggings and blasting. But I am not worried about all this. Learn this spirit of forbearance from me. Whatever abuse or attack others may level at you, bear them with fortitude. Treat praise or blame, good or bad with equanimity. This is the highest knowledge.”
Another vital element in Nature is water, which is also one of the manifestations of the Divine. The lesson that water teaches is: “Son! By nature I am pure, sweet and cool. Purity, patience and perseverance are three good qualities you have to cultivate.”
Agni (Fire) is another of Nature’s preceptors. It tells man: “My son! I make no difference between good and bad. I do not gain by burning one thing or lose by not burning something. I treat all alike whatever comes into my orbit. Learn to see the Divine in all things. This is the way to gain knowledge of the Self.”
Divine Discourse 8 Oct 1997
What are the life lessons that can be imbibed from nature?
Nature works relentlessly. It doesn’t rest even for a moment. The earth rotates on its axis at the speed of 1,000 miles per hour. We must think of its implication. Due to this rotation, we get days and nights. People in the world labour all day and get rest at night. Similarly, all beings on earth find rest at night due to this rotation. Even animals, birds, worms, and insects rest at night. The earth revolves round the sun at a speed of 66,000 miles per hour. As a result of this, we have seasons. Due to the seasons, we have rain; because of rain, we have crops; because of crops, we have food. The earth does relentless work to provide us food. The earth is always engaged in action. People, who are born out of earth, should emulate it and do service. Otherwise, how can they be called children of Mother Earth? A person, being a child of the earth, must prove themself worthy by engaging in selfless service.
Divine Discourse 30 April 1997