What is self reliance and how to develop it?
Develop self-reliance on the basis of faith in God. This was the lesson which Jesus taught to a man who was starving. On the first day he gave the man some fish to eat. The next day Jesus met the man and asked him: “You ate the fish I gave you yesterday. How are you going to get the meal today? How long am I to relieve your hunger by giving fish day after day? You must know how to secure fish for appeasing your hunger. Then you will have no need to depend on others.” What everyone has to learn today is how to be self-reliant and not depend on others. How is one to be self-reliant? By developing Athma-Vishvasa (Self-confidence). From the moment Bharatheeyas lost Self-confidence, all institutions in the country started to decline. People have to develop Self-confidence.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
How to achieve self-reliance in life?
In ancient days everyone developed self-reliance and did not depend on the services of others. During the reign of King Bhoja, the Queen used to take care of all the needs of the king, including cooking and other domestic chores. Today people are lazy and depend on others for many things which they can do themselves. The ancient rulers used to teach these lessons in self reliance to their subjects.
Divine Discourse 14 Sep 1997