How to succeed in life?
Where the six qualities of zeal, determination, courage, intelligence, ability and heroism are present, there Divine help is manifest. STUDENTS! Embodiments of love! In any field, at any time, for any man who is endowed with all these six precious qualities, success is assured. These qualities contribute to the all-round prosperity of a man. All success attends on one with these six qualities.
Divine Discourse 14 Jan 1997
How to overcome troubles and challenges in life?
Students should cultivate self-confidence and manifest their divinity in their speech, their songs, their sports and all actions. However, occasionally the weakness in them may come out. For instance, when they succumb to troubles, are overcome by grief and are unable to face losses, they show their inner weakness.
Students should confront such situations with fortitude. Be fearless. When you face difficulties with courage, you are bound to succeed. Hence, have confidence in yourself and achieve success in all areas of life
Divine Discourse 14 Jan 1997