What is considered as the primary wealth for man?
There is nothing greater than love in this world. Everything has a price. The price to be paid for enduring happiness is Divine Love. Without Love, no object can give you real happiness. Hence, the primary wealth for man is Love.
Divine Discourse 1 January 1998
When will one be considered as embodiments of the Divine Self?
You will be true embodiments of the Divine only when you develop divine love. The only being worthy of love in this world is God. All others are only objects of transient attachment.
Divine Discourse 25 February 1998
How should be the bond of love?
This infinite Divine can be realized only through love, which is all-powerful. The devotee’s love for the Lord is like the love of a child for its mother. This love-bond is inextricable.
Divine Discourse 26 February 1998
How can one be freed from rebirth?
There is no need for rigorous spiritual exercises to secure freedom from rebirth. Pure love of God is enough.
Divine Discourse 29 March 1998
How can you describe God’s love?
Divine love is selfless. Where there is selfishness, there is fear. Love has no fear. It does not expect any reward. Love is in all. Tread the divine path of love. You cannot experience this as long as your heart is filled with selfishness. Love of God always gives and never receives.
Divine Discourse 26 April 1998
What is the difference between Wordly Love and Divine Love?
Divine love always gives and never receives. Worldly love only receives and does not give. It is full of selfishness and expects a reward in return. Divine Love does not desire any return.
Divine Discourse 29 April 1998
How can we comprehend the form of God?
God is hidden from the physical eye in all beings, in all places as Cosmic energy. We are in constant search of God, within the limitation of a compact form. There is bliss, but it has no form. Love is there but it has no form. Love may not have form, but you can see this love expressed through a form, which exudes real love. Here we see a flower. Even without seeing the form, you are able to enjoy the fragrance of the flower. When we experience the fragrance, we can only surmise that the form of the fragrance is the flower.
Divine Discourse 29 April 1998
How can we change worldly love to spiritual love?
God is in the form of hands, feet, eyes, ears, everywhere. Divinity is everywhere. But love of Divinity is selfless; this is spiritual, while worldly love is selfish and transient. We must change worldly love into spiritual love.
Divine Discourse 29 April 1998
What are the qualities of Divine love?
There is a gulf of difference between worldly love and divine love. Divine love does not ask for anything. It is selfless. It is not mindful of praise or blame. Love is desire less and continuous; you will not find even a trace of selfishness.
Divine Discourse 29 April 1998
Why Divine love is higher than worldly love?
Worldly love goes on diminishing in its magnitude as time passes. Divine love never diminishes but is constant and changeless under all circumstances, and after any number of years, even after several aeons and births.
Divine Discourse 29 April 1998
How does Swami’s love significantly differ from parents’ love?
Many parents desire that after the education of their children is over, they should get married, get a good job, and achieve a high position in life. Out of their love, they want their children to achieve greatness. Swami’s love is not like that; Swami wants them to achieve goodness.
Divine Discourse 6 May 1998
How should one respond when Swami ignores them?
Sometimes, Swami may appear as if He is not showing His love. This is only an external appearance for the moment. Pots, however different they may appear, are essentially made of clay, and all golden ornaments are essentially gold in substance. Similarly, all actions of Swami are essentially filled with love. You must cultivate this kind of feeling. You must love God with full faith.
Divine Discourse 25 August 1998
Why & how can we think of God in every moment of our life?
We must think of God every moment of our lives. It is in that spirit that everyone is enjoined to offer all actions as designed to please the Divine. Do what you please. Go anywhere you like. But do everything with the feeling that it is to please the Divine. Whatever you do, do it with the feeling that you are doing it for the pleasure of the Divine. Thereby, you will accomplish all your desires. You will experience bliss. See the Divine in everything
Divine Discourse 25 August 1998
What should be undercurrent of all the spiritual pursuits to yield good results?
You may undertake any type of spiritual pursuit, but love wholeheartedly. Love can eradicate any type of disease and act as a panacea for all afflictions. You must, in the first instance, develop love. This can be possible if you believe that God is the embodiment of Love.
Divine Discourse 24 November 1998