What love is eternal?
The Love of humans is earthly and selfish while Divine love is spiritual and selfless. it is pure love. The ancients described the Divine as eternal, immortal, pure and unsullied. In order to experience Love of God, you should give up petty minded selfishness and expand your love.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
How can I experience divine love?
Even when you live close to God you cannot see God unless you have the faith and devotion, just like a frog in the pond which is ignorant of the honey in the lotus, though nearer to it. While honey bees from far-off places know the existence of honey in the flower and come and taste it, people from distant lands come and experience the sweetness of God’s Love, while those nearer are not able to do so.
The proximity to the Divine can elevate human to the level of the Divine. But many fail to realise this and waste their lives. Love is in everyone, but, because it is turned to selfish ends, it becomes attachment. You should aspire to experience Dhaivi Prema (Divine Love).
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
How can we attain the value of our existence?
Vivekanandha said: “Give me ten men who are pure and perfect. I can change the whole world.” But I say, “I can bring about transformation even with one truly perfect human being.” You should have divine as the base number one. Any number of zeros placed alongside the figure of one will carry value; value increases many fold with its additional zeros. But, without the number one, if you put zeros, they carry no value at all. The Divine is ONE. Sun, moon, earth, etc, are all mere zeros. They get value only because of the primary number ONE, which represents the Divine. So God is the hero and the rest are all zeros! Have full faith in God and surrender to God. Do serve with a spirit of dedication as an offering to God. Spread the message of the glory of God in every village by chanting the name of God. Then the atmosphere and climate of the world will change for the better and become sacred.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
What is the source of all forms of love?
Today if so many people from all over the world is drawn to this place, it is due to the power of attraction. When you keep a flower here, bees are attracted from afar. They are drawn to the flower because of the sweet honey in it. Not a single bee will be attracted by a plastic flower. The sweetness that attracts people is Prema (love). This love may be manifested in many forms—maternal love, filial love, fraternal affection, marital love, friendly love and so on. Divine Love is the basis of all these forms of attraction. It is a powerful magnet. It is present everywhere including every human being.
Divine Discourse 20 July 1997
Can a human being express divine love?
Many people imagine that to divinise man and make him a godly being is a superhuman exercise. This is not so. Divine Love is within the competence of man. It is natural to man. He is entitled to possess it. Divine Love should not be considered as something transcendental or alien to man. But men tend to degrade this love by giving it different forms and names and degrade themselves. The defect lies in the perversion of Love and is not inherent in it. Convert anger into Love. Turn hatred into Love. To effect this change what is needed is a change of heart—filling it with Love. When the heart is filled with Love, the whole world becomes loveable.
Divine Discourse 25 Dec 1997
Who is responsible for the burdens in life?
Who is responsible for your burdens? Once a cowherd maiden (gopika) went to a well to fetch water. After filling water in three pots, she put one on her head and another in her one hand. She was trying to put the third pot over the pot on her head. But she was finding it difficult, and was in need of help from someone. Since Krishna was standing nearby, she asked Him for help. But He refused. Meanwhile, another gopika who was passing by came forward and helped her in putting the pot on top of her head.
Krishna followed the gopika on the way to her home. As soon as she reached home, Krishna came forward to help her put down the pot from her head. She then asked Krishna why He refused to put the pot on her head earlier, and why He came forward to help her put the pot down. Krishna then explained that it is not His nature to put burdens on people; He is interested only in removing their burdens. People think that God gives them all burdens. That is not correct.
Divine Discourse 27 April 1997