Today marital relationship faces many challenges mainly the lack of love as it was in the beginning stages of their relationship. Why it is been like this?
Take the example of the parrots. Conjugal fidelity is supreme quality among parrots. The firm attachment to each other in a parrot couple is not to be found even among highly developed human beings. The story of how Valmeeki was deeply moved when a hunter killed one of two birds who were a loving couple is well known. When one of the birds died, its mare followed suit, unable to bear the pangs of separation. Out of the intense sorrow and compassion of Valmeeki, the first shloka emerged from his lips and that was the beginning of the great epic. When its mate dies, a bird will not seek another partner. It will starve itself to death. How many men care to follow the example of the birds in their devotion to monogamy? Many are ready to remarry after the loss of the first wife. The supreme virtue of monogamy is a quality man can learn from birds.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
What are all the guidelines for matrimonial relationship from Bhagawan?
In the modern world, youth should know the nature of true love. Many from abroad, mix with persons of the opposite sex, calling them boy friend and girl friend. If you really love each other you must get married and not continue living as friends.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997