How to over come ill-will?
Eschew any aversion to any faith or nation. Have no ill-will towards anyone. Do not cause hurt to anyone. Look upon all alike. This feeling of oneness should spread all over the world.
Divine Discourse 11 April 1997
Does the aspects of love differ?
You experience love in three ways- Svartha Prema (self-oriented love), Parartha Prema (love towards all fellow beings) and Anyonya Prema (mutual give and take type of love).
“I should be happy. I should enjoy all pleasures and be comfortable. I do not care for others.” This is the attitude of Svaartha Prema (selfish love). Anyonya Prema represents the feeling that not only himself but also his relatives and friends should be comfortable and enjoy a good life. But, Parartha Prema represents the feeling that all should be happy in the entire world. This is the highest type of Prema.
There are three examples to illustrate these three types of love. Svaartha or selfish love is comparable to the bulb that illumines just one single small room. This cannot be called love at all. Anyonya Prema is like moonlight. Though it illumines all directions, it is very dim. It does not help one to have a clear perception. You may mistake a rope for a serpent and a stump of wood as human body in moonlight. Similarly, you may mistake a good man to be a wicked one and vice versa due to illusion. But Parartha Prema is like Sunlight which is very bright and will not give room for any doubt.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
What is vital for human life?
Develop love which is your life breath. When a tree is full of green leaves, branches and fruits, you are attracted by it. When it becomes dry, you destroy it because there is no life in it. A person without love is akin to a dead tree only. Love is as vital for a human as fire is vital for a lump of coal to sparkle. You should get rid of weakness by concentrating on Divine Love, as Divine grace confers the greatest strength. All other things may come and go but Divine Grace is ever flowing. Whatever you may or may not be able to do, develop Divine Love. God is the director and all humans are mere actors. Be good performers in God’s play. Only to train you for this role, this Youth Conference has been convened.
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
How to see unity in diversity?
Prema thathva (Love principle) should be followed. God is Love—Live in Love. we have only polluted love. We should practice pure love. With the same set of eyes, you see your mother, wife, daughter, etc. Though the eyes are the same, the vision is different. You see the mother with respect, wife with anuraga (attachment) and daughter or son with vathsalya (affection). The feelings are different. As you feel sorry when someone teases our sister, the others will feel likewise when you tease other girls. This principle of oneness should be imbibed by you.
Divine Discourse 18 July 1997
What is divine love?
Today man is totally unaware of what is meant by Love. Man equates desire with Love. He imagines that whatever he yearns for are prompted by Love. This is not true Prema (love). Prema is totally free from desire. It is utterly selfless. It seeks no return. It is all encompassing. It makes no distinction between friend and foe. Forgetting this concept of universal selfless love, filling himself with selfish desires, man fancies that he is filled with Love. This is mundane attachment. It is quite apart from the Love that flows from the Spirit inside. Spiritual love is boundless. It is free from the feeling of hatred. It is capable of expressing itself in universal terms.
Divine Discourse 25 Dec 1997
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