How to love God?
Every man should recognize that the body has been given to him to render service to others. You must use the body for promoting the welfare of society. Of what use is the endless study of books if you do not use your knowledge for the good of others? A mind that is not utilized for imparting joy to others or a body that is not used for the service of others is totally useless. The way to love God is to love all and serve all. Students should imbibe this ideal.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
How should one direct love towards God?
Only the Gopikas of Brindhavan could experience the Divine in every being and in every object. When Krishna sent Uddhava to the Gopikas with a message, they bluntly told Him that their hearts were already filled with love for Krishna and that there was no room in them for any message. Their minds, their eyes and everything else were concentrated on Krishna. Krishna had totally captured the hearts of the Gopikas. When they missed Krishna for a time, they appealed to every plant and flower to disclose the whereabouts of Krishna. The hearts of the Gopikas were soft, sweet and blissful like butter. Hence, Krishna relished their pure love even more than the delicacies his mother offered out of maternal affection.
Divine Discourse 25 Aug 1997
What kind of relationship should one have with Swami?
I am yours , and you are mine. Our relationship is a spiritual one. You are entitled to approach Me and I am bound to respond to your wishes. Do not entertain any doubts on this score. I bless you all.
Divine Discourse 11 Oct 1997
What is the best way to love God?
The best way to love God is to love all and serve all. But it should not be worldly, material love; it should be divine love, which is changeless and eternal. Worldly love collapses, perishes, and exhausts itself; whereas divine love is changeless and limitless and constantly renews itself. God is always with you, in you, and around you. There is no need to search for Him. In fact, God is in search of a true devotee.
Divine Discourse 27 April 1997
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