How can I become a good citizen?
A good son is one who sets an example by his conduct: One who pursues selfish ends cannot be a good son. A good son is one who reveres and serves his parents, who honours his preceptor, who is humble and respectful towards elders and who earns a good name by his service to society. It is because such sons have become rare that the country is today bedeviled by wickedness and evil practices.
Divine Discourse 23 Jan 1997

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What is Swami’s advice for those who desire to go abroad for jobs?
It is better to earn ten rupees within India than ten thousand rupees abroad. This craze for going abroad is utterly meaningless. It is better to lead a good life within India than to pursue the mirage of careers abroad.
Divine Discourse 14 Jan 1998

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Why should we love our Nation?
You should have love for your country also. Rama Said, “Motherland is greater than heaven itself.” That spirit of patriotism is very important.
Divine Discourse 10 Aug 1998

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What’s the greatness of Bharat that Bharatheeyas are not aware of?
The sweetest of feelings in this country is love for mother and the motherland.
In this land, character is more important than the life itself.
Such sacred principles have been totally forgotten, and in the name of freedom.
People lead a perverted life imitating western culture.
Just as the mighty elephant is not aware of its own strength, Bharatiyas are not aware of the greatness of their own culture.
Divine Discourse 19 Oct 1998

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What is Swami’s response towards those who imitate foreign culture?
Here is a small example. V. Ramakrishna was an I.C.S. officer from Madras. His wife was Durgamba. They sent their son to America for higher studies. A month later when Durgamba contacted her son over phone and enquired after his welfare in Telugu, to which he replied that he had forgotten Telugu and could converse only in English. On hearing this, the mother was overjoyed and came to Swami to share the news proudly. I replied that a person, who forgot his mother tongue in a month, was likely to forget his mother too.
Divine Discourse 19 Nov 1998

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Whose teachings should students emulate to work for the welfare of the nation?
Students! Investigate the concept of ideal education propagated by the ancient sages. They enthroned righteousness and welcomed truth. They enshrined valor and courage. You should emulate such people, who strove for the glow of Indian culture. In fact you are the true inheritors of the legacy of Indian culture. You should resolve to uphold dharma and work for the welfare of the country.
Divine Discourse 22 Nov 1998

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