Is it necessary to give up everything in order to practice detachment?
As long as you live in the world, you have the responsibility to take care of your wife, children and possessions. But you must regard this as an obligation imposed by God. You must not get attached to them as your possessions. Most people in the world, however, are deeply attached to kinsfolk and properties. How lasting are these possessions? You can never know when you may have to leave all of them behind. Hence, the proper attitude for men is to recognise one’s duty towards others and consider everything as a gift from God.
Divine Discourse 25 Aug 1997
What is true renunciation?
Renunciation is a very much misunderstood term. It is not mere giving up of family and possessions. It is the total giving up of possessive feelings of any kind, whether they relate to family or other parochial attachments. Real renunciation means giving up all ideas of attachment to anything. Love can emerge only when there is such total detachment. Consider everything as a manifestation of God.
Divine Discourse 14 Sep 1997
What is true detachment?
Detachment does not mean leaving wife and wealth and running away to the forest; it is sacrificing negative feelings, desires, and delusions. Desire comes out of illusion (bhrama), not Brahma (God). Remove the illusion and reduce the desires to make the journey of life a pleasure.
Divine Discourse 27 April 1997