How to face difficulties in life?
Human life we see is full of hardships, difficulties, and all types of sorrows. Without trials and tribulations, one cannot attain an exalted state in life. Both individuals and nations are beset with many problems. Understand that pleasure is an interval between two pains. Difficulties, in fact, are the steps that take us to a higher plane. It is only after we face difficulties that we get the result. Even a realised person attains that state only after undergoing a lot of difficulties.
What is the use of a diamond that is not cut? However pure gold may be, it has to be put into fire and beaten with a hammer to make jewels. Bear all difficulties with a view that these are steps to take you to a higher plane. Only then will you experience peace and happiness. If you keep on worrying about your difficulties, the difficulties will increase. When difficulties arise, do not treat them as problems.
The Pandavas lived incognito for one year after 12 years of exile in the forest. Krishna felt sympathy with them and always asked about their welfare. It is not that He didn’t know how they were leading their life; He knew everything. All this was done to elevate them to a higher spiritual level.
Once, Dharmaraja went for a walk with Krishna after telling his brothers to stay back. It was the custom in those days that the younger brothers obeyed their elder brother. During the walk, Dharmaraja said to Krishna, “Krishna, we are men, and we can put up with all difficulties. But Draupadi is suffering too much; she does not see the sunlight even. I cannot bear it. Kindly give her Your advice.”
Krishna said, “There is no need for that.” Taking a leaf from a tree, Krishna wrote something on it, folded it, and gave it to Dharmaraja, saying, “When you face insurmountable difficulties, see what is written on this.”
What was written on it? Once when the Pandavas faced a grave problem, Dharmaraja opened the leaf and read: “These difficulties aren’t permanent.”
Divine Discourse 29 April 1997