How to face the ups and down in life?
Rama taught the world how to remain unruffled in the presence of difficulties or joys, in pain or pleasure. He responded with a smile to any criticism. He did not exult over praise. Thus he displayed total equanimity in weal or woe, success or defeat, gain or loss. This is the attitude which everyone should cultivate. Today devotees tend to get elated when they experience pleasure and get depressed when they face adversity. This is the result of attachment to the body. In Rama’s days, there was not this body consciousness. People were indifferent to the body. They were immersed in Aathmanandam (the bliss of the Spirit).
Divine Discourse 16 April 1997
How can one live in the moment?
Learn to turn over a new life even if you have not lived an ideal life in the past. Do not brood over the past and worry about the future. Concentrate on the present. Take everything as the gift of God; discard worry. You cannot demand sweet medicine for your illness from the doctor. You must take whatever is prescribed. Do not give room in the heart for anything else but God. The world outside is reflection of the Inner Being. Be happy within and joyful outside and have enthusiasm for service. Do not bother about others heckling you as you are engaged in Service to God.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997