What are the disadvantages of anger?
Krodham haithvaa na sochathi” (Destroying anger, one is free from grief). As long as one is filled with Krodha (anger or hatred), one cannot be happy. In this world people undertake all kinds of sadhanas to get rid of grief or unhappiness. But whatever penances, japas or sacrifices they do, they are unable to get rid of unhappiness. The reason is they have not been able to get rid of their hatred. Ravana was a valorous person, with many talents and accomplishments. But because he was filled with hatred, he could have no happiness. By harbouring hatred, man renders his life miserable. “The angry man fails in everyone of his enterprises.” Anger brings in its train all kinds of ill-fame. Haunted by infamy, he can have no happiness.
Divine Discourse 23 Sep 1997
How dangerous is anger for a spiritual aspirant?
With anger within yourself, you cannot experience happiness and bliss. How can you sleep peacefully when a snake is slithering in the house? How can you be peaceful when anger permeates your entire being? One bout of anger drains away the energy gained in three months; it pollutes and heats the blood, which takes three months to regain normal state. Anger makes a person physically and mentally weak. Therefore, give no scope to anger. When anger is subdued, it is an indication that your spiritual discipline is on the right path.
Divine Discourse 28 April 1997