How can I make the best use of time?
You have to busy yourselves with activity in order to use time and skill to the best advantage. That is your duty and duty is God.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
How do we waste time?
People celebrate year after year new year days, but there is no change in their lives. The body grows from year to year but the life span is ebbing away at the same time. People should be concerned about this. Time is most precious. God is the over-lord of Time. Time wasted is life wasted. Never waste time because lost time is beyond recall. Do not waste time in idle gossip. Today you are celebrating the new year instead of thinking about God, who presides over the passage of years.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
How should I value my time?
People should realize the preciousness of Time. Most of the time available is wasted by people. This is utterly wrong. Time should be used always for right purposes. That is the foremost duty of every man. Waste of time is waste of life. The Lord of Time protects those who take refuge in Him, even against the Lord of death, “Kaala”. Time takes its revenge on those who misuse it. A nation’s prosperity is dependent on how people make use of their time in the performance of good actions.

It is disingenuous on the part of people to plead that in their busy preoccupations they have no time to think of God. Persons who waste their time watching TV or playing cards in clubs cannot pretend that they cannot spare a few moments for God. Make proper use of time. Time is Divine. Dedicate every activity to God.
Divine Discourse 7 April 1997
Why is wasting time a serious issue?
EMBODIMENTS of Love! Young men and women! Future citizens of the world! When one’s wealth is lost, it can be acquired again. If one friend is lost, another can be got. If the wife passes, one can many again. If land is lost, it can be acquired, again. But if time is lost it cannot be got back. Life is like a mega-clock. Its three hands indicate the rate at which the days, months and the year are passing. Man rejoices in the movement of the clock’s hands but does not realise that every movement is a reminder of his diminishing lifespan. Hence, before the final hour strikes, every man should realise what his duties are and see that the remaining time is well spent.
Divine Discourse 16 July 1997
How should you utilize the time wisely?
How should you utilise the time usefully? You have to follow the ideal path reflecting sacred Human Values. Not only that, but you should also inspire and encourage others to follow a disciplined life. Today, people do not understand discipline. They sit in a meeting and go on cheering and clapping when a speaker tells something to please them. This is sheer waste of time and energy. Every second is valuable and should be used well. Character is the most important life principle to be imbibed. This is the golden period in your life span and if you spoil this fine opportunity in careless living, your future will be ruined.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997