Why our Nation had suffered under the British though it had all the powers and wealth?
Students! Develop broad mindedness. Cultivate unity. It was because of lack of unity, Bharath came under the rule of a small nation like the British, though it did not lack great warriors, scholars and administrators. Today the nation is afflicted with two bad qualities lack of unity and insatiable greed.
Divine Discourse 19 Jan 1997
How important is it to have unity for National Development?
What is the situation today? Where is unity to be seen? Today nation is divided against nation. There are conflicts between states and within them. There are disputes over borders between states. When there are inter-state disputes, how can there be unity in the nation as a whole?
All are brothers; all belong to the human fraternity. There should be unity among all the people. All should strive to promote the reputation of the nation. No one can claim any right to a particular state. All have equal rights.
“The one Spirit is the Indweller in all beings.” If this truth is recognized there will be no room for internal conflicts. Selfishness is at the root of all conflicts in the world. All are human beings. The Caste of Humanity. The Religion of Love. The Language of the Heart. This unifying truth should be recognized. Everyone is constituted of the same five basic elements. Why, then, there should be differences between them?
Divine Discourse 7 April 1997
What is the strength in unity?
Separate threads are not strong. They acquire strength when woven into cloth. Unity is very necessary. Attain oneness by doing service to society. You will find divine bliss in oneness. When you travel alone, you may have fear and may have to face several difficulties. But when you travel with ten people, the strength of all of them will be yours. To experience the strength of unity is bliss (ananda).
Divine Discourse 26 April 1997
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