What is the root cause for unrest in the world?
Man is governed by morality. In all countries morality and integrity should be like the life breath. It is only when men adhere to morality that human ideals like fraternity, equality and liberty can become meaningful in daily life. It is because moral values have been given the go-by that you find today society bedeviled by disorder and unrest. The world will have respire from violence only when progress in science and technology is accompanied pari passu by development of ethical and spiritual values.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
What is the root cause of natural calamities?
In the vast cosmos, man is like a speck. Essentially, there is no conflict between man and creation, lust as a child is entitled to enjoy the milk from its mother and the bee is entitled to enjoy the honey from flowers, there can be no objection to man enjoying the resources of nature. But as a result of uncontrolled desires and reckless exploitation of natural resources, Nature is exhibiting frightening disorders. Natural calamities like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts and floods are the result of disturbances in the balance of Nature caused by reckless exploitation of natural resources. Mankind today appears like a foolish man who is wielding the axe at the branch of a tree on which he is sitting.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
How does the individual progress contribute to progress of the society?
When the individual carries out their duties without fail, their family will progress. In the word ‘samaja’, ‘sam’ means that which you have attained and ‘aja’ means pure. Samaja (society) means acquiring purity. When society progresses, we also progress. Perform all actions and spiritual practices, keeping the welfare of society in mind. You are the mirror of society. Think always of the welfare of society. When others are happy, you should feel happy. When others are unhappy, help them to become happy. It is not blood circulation or the movement of the body that are important; your actions are important. Spirituality is not living alone in solitude. Spirituality connotes having equal vision for all, living among all, and serving all with a feeling of oneness (ekatma bhava).
Divine Discourse 26 April 1997
Which view point or perspective should I agree with the society?
When you see the world with the eye of divine bliss, you will find bliss everywhere. If there is hatred in your vision, you will see hatred everywhere. Hence, change your vision to start with. Look at the world with the vision of peace, love and compassion. Then the whole world will appear loving and peaceful. When your heart is filled with love, you will experience the Divine in the entire cosmos. See the Divine in everyone. Eschew hatred and ill-will.
After years of devotion, many still lack a broad outlook and an all-encompassing love. Embodiments of love? Promote love in your hearts incessantly—the love that is immortal and infinite.
Divine Discourse 7 April 1997
What kind of speech should we have?
These are three things: A heart pure and white like the moon, speech soft and sweet like butter, a face that is loving and kind. These are lacking in the world today. The entire atmosphere is frightening. There is harshness in speech. There is no softness in the heart. The heart should be pure and soft like butter. Today, on the contrary, people are hardhearted. Fill your hearts with compassion. Let your speech be sweet and truthful. You will then be truly human.
Divine Discourse 15 May 1997
What is the root cause for prosperity of a country?
It is the absence of men and women of high character. To protect a country it is not so important to have arms and missiles and atom bombs. It is most essential to have men and women of great virtue. The World’s prosperity or otherwise is based upon the character of the youth–men and women. Hence, young men and women should be pure hearted and render selfless service to the country. They should keep the company of the good and godly.
Divine Discourse 16 July 1997
Why should I be concerned about the welfare of the society?
The whole world and the objects therein are inter-related by the bond of love. It is love that binds the human race together. The world cannot exist without love. God is love and resides in the heart of every one as embodiment of love. Based on this Truth we pray, “Lokaas-Samasthaas Sukhino Bhavanthu” (all the people in the world should be happy).
Divine Discourse 17 July 1997
What provides the real security to a nation?
Youth! You should mould your life by pursuing a good path, practicing the ideals of Sathya and Dharma and grow spiritually. Today spirituality is being reviled. You give importance to Technology which is nothing but “Tricknology”! It may yield temporary gains but is ultimately dangerous in the long run. In ancient times they observed Sathya and Dharma (Truth and Righteousness) and had no fear. But in modern times Science has developed but senses have degenerated.
Science is a semi-circle while spirituality is the full circle. The Vedic dictum says, “That is full. This is full. This full has come from that. What remains is also full.” You should keep everything within limit. Scientists discovered the Atom Bomb and also the Hydrogen Bomb, wasting huge stuns of money to produce instruments of mass destruction. All that money could be utilised for the welfare of humanity. If you have the feeling of brotherhood of man, then there is no need for fear and consequent building up of nuclear arms.
Divine Discourse 18 July 1997
What is the importance of motherland?
Many people invite me often to visit other countries. I do not like to go abroad before setting this country right and transforming its citizens. Many people go abroad begging for money. Many also resort to begging in the name of Swami. Swami has absolutely no selfish motive. You must serve your mother country first. Swami wants nothing from you. You must become true embodiments of love and serve to remove fear. Be good and get happiness. Do good and you will be good. Through sacred action, make life sacred with the principles of Sathya and Dharma as your guide posts.
Divine Discourse 18 July 1997
What protects the nation?
It is not arms or political institutions that protect a nation. It is love of the country, the spirit of sacrifice and faith in the Divine which serve to protect the nation. Every man and woman should be filled with the spirit of sacrifice, devotion and the spiritual urge to protect the nation. From age to age Bharath has been the spiritual leader for all nations. It has welcomed people, of different cultures with open arms despite the vicissitudes of history. This is the unique stamp of Bharatheeya culture.
Divine Discourse 22 Sep 1997
What is the root cause for droughts?
Man seeks to enjoy the benefits of Nature which has grave consequences. Here you have a globe. If you hit it one way, its balance is disturbed. We should always see to it that in the utilisation of natural resources a proper balance is kept. Excessive use in any one direction will result in harm in another direction. In the exploitation of natural resources, people are observing no limits in the name of their hakku (right) to act as they please. I do not understand wherefrom this “right” is derived. In reality, there is no such thing as a “right.” In fact, what they have is responsibility. If one’s responsibilities are properly discharged, some rights may emerge from them. If responsibilities are ignored, what can be the outcome? Only disorder and lack of peace. When rain falls, there will be water in the channels. How can you hope for water when there is no rain? Hence, you have to pray at the outset for rain. Only then you can enjoy the flow of water in the rivers. Similarly, you have at the outset to discharge your duties and then you will secure your rights.
Divine Discourse 11 Oct 1997
How is one be obligated to the society?
Everyone should realise his obligations to society because of what all that he owes to society. Wherever necessary people should come together to solve their problems by their own cooperative action. There are many young people who are idling away their time at homes. Their energies should be mobilised for constructive welfare work.
Divine Discourse 11 Oct 1997
How does an individual impact the nation’s happiness?
The human body is the most wondrous machine in the world. It has a bewildering multiplicity of limbs, organs, veins, nerves and cells which co-operate to maintain it: under varied conditions. If anyone of these rebels and refuses to rescue another, the body is bound to suffer. So too, a society, a community or nation can be safe, secure and happy only when the individuals comprising it are mutually helpful and bound together in skillful and sincere service.
Divine Discourse 11 Oct 1997
Who is responsible for the evils in the world?
“Who is responsible for the evil in the world?” The persons indulging in the evil deeds are responsible. God is only a witness. The rewards or punishments people receive in life are fruits of their own actions and not conferred by God. When all actions are done in a spirit of dedication to the Divine and with recognition of one’s own divinity, all actions become sanctified. Identification of the “I” with the body is the cause of all troubles. It turns the “I” into the Ahamkara (ego). The ego is at the root of all troubles. There is nothing wrong in looking after the body, but life should not be based on attachment to the body.
Divine Discourse 23 Nov 1997
Today the World is afflicted with many kinds of diseases. Why?
World is afflicted with seven kinds of diseases.
First: Business without morality. This is a major malady afflicting the world.
Second: Politics without principles.
Third: Education without character.
Fourth: Sustenance without sacrifice.
Fifth: A harvest without labour.
Sixth: Humanness without virtue.
Seventh: Devotion without faith.

What is the use of devotion without faith? What is the use of claiming to be a man without human qualities? How can you expect a crop without cultivation? What is the use of education without character?
Three things are most essential today. Morality in business, politics with principle and education with character.
Today the above mentioned seven diseases are causing all the troubles to the nation. Wherever you turn, there is disorder, misery and lean. Everyone should resolve to rid the country of these seven grievous ills.
Divine Discourse 7 March 1997
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