How can we get the vision of Swami?
Fix your mind on Me, be devoted to Me, offer obeisance to Me and worship Me. Truly, I promise that you will come to Me, for you are dear to Me….If you obey Swami’s command with total faith and contemplate on Him incessantly, you will have the vision of Swami in a moment. Truly, He will manifest before you instantly.
Divine Discourse 31 July 1996
What attitude should a devotee posses?
There is a basic difference between the attitude of the Gopikas to Krishna and that of Yadhavas in Dvaraka. The Gopikas felt: “Krishna ! We are yours” The Yadhavas felt: “Krishna! You are ours.” Their attitude was based on Ahamkara (sense of possession). That was responsible for their ultimate destruction.
Divine Discourse 23 Jan 1997
Why is devotion to God considered madness?
In a mental asylum there are people with many kinds of delusions. In a sense, the entire world may be considered as a mental asylum. There are in the world people crazy about money. There are others who have obsessions regarding their health and sickness. There are others who are crazy about power and position. In this manner every individual is obsessed with some desire or other. There are, again, some who are obsessed with the idea of God. Of all these forms of madness, the madness for God is most commendable.
Divine Discourse 13 Feb 1997
How should I hold on to work and worship?
Whatever you do, have the name of the Lord on your lips and faith in God in your heart. Thereby work will be transformed into worship.
Divine Discourse 8 March 1997
Why should one remember God at all times?
Once Arjuna was troubled in mind over the state of things around him and asked Krishna why this should happen to him when he had such faith in Krishna. Krishna then explained to him that it was not enough to remember God occasionally when one felt the need to remember him. This kind of remembrance is a matter of convenience and expediency. What is required is Anusmarana, constant remembrance. Only that will relieve the devotee of his troubles and worries. Anusmarana calls for remembrance at all times, in all situations. Krishna told Arjuna that he is thinking of God only on some occasions and for some specific purposes. This is not the proper way. “If you remember Me at all times, I am always with you,” said Krishna. Krishna’s injunction to Arjuna was- “Remember Me at all times and carry on the fight. That alone will help you. It will confer success on you.”
Divine Discourse 25 Aug 1997
What is the one important catalyst required for spiritual progress?
Develop sincere interest. Whatever you do in any field —moral, spiritual, or worldly— perform it with interest. Only then can you get the reward. Without interest, you cannot achieve anything. In matters relating to God, there should be greater interest.
Divine Discourse 28 April 1997
Is it possible to contemplate on God at all times when trapped in a hectic lifestyle?
Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, “Those who think of Me under all circumstances will surely attain Me.” But you think of God only when you are in trouble. This is part-time devotion. With part-time devotion, you will get only part-time fulfillment. You must think of God at all times and in all situations. Everywhere, at all times, under all circumstances contemplate on God (Sarvada sarva kaleshu sarvatra Hari chintanam). Consider your house work as God’s work, your business as God’s work. All work is God’s work. It is a very easy path. God is not asking you to do any penance.
Divine Discourse 28 April 1997
What is the true relation between the Lord and the devotee?
Once Lord Vishnu asked Narada, which among the five elements was the greatest. Narada replied, “Earth is the greatest.”
Vishnu remarked, “Three-fourth of the earth is enveloped with water. In such a case, which among the two is greater?” Narada agreed that water was greater.
Vishnu said, “But Sage Agastya drank up the ocean in a single gulp. So, is Agastya greater than water?”
Narada replied, “You are right, my Lord, Agastya is greater than water.”
Vishnu asked again, “But, this Agastya is a tiny star in the sky (akasa). Now, is this star greater, or the sky?”
Narada replied, “The sky is greater.”
The Lord agreed and said, “Your understanding is correct. The sky indeed is greater. In His incarnation as Vamana, the Lord asked for three steps from King Bali. In the course of taking the gift of three steps, Vamana assumed the form of Trivikrama and covered the entire earth in one step and the sky in the second step. There was no room for the third step. King Bali had to offer his head for the third step. So, now, is God greater or the sky?”
Narada replied, “Swami, when the mere foot of the Lord covers the entire sky, how much greater His full form would be! God indeed is greater.”
“God, who envelops the entire cosmos, dwells in the heart of His devotee (bhaktha). So, now, is the devotee greater or God?” asked Vishnu.
Narada replied, “Indeed, the devotee is greater than God.”
Divine Discourse 29 April 1997
How to surrender easily to God?
There are nine paths of devotion: listening, singing, contemplating on Vishnu, serving His Lotus Feet, salutation, worship, servitude, friendship, and self-surrender (sravanam, kirtanam, Vishnusmaranam, Padasevanam, vandanam, archanam, dasyam, sneham, and atmanivedanam). Friendship comes before self-surrender. So, develop friendship with God. When you are a friend of God, you are one with Him. Then, it becomes easier to reach the next stage of self surrender.
Divine Discourse 29 April 1997
What is the right frame of mind for surrender to God?
When people achieve success, they attribute it to their capability; if they meet with failure, they attribute it to God’s will. You can know the truth only when you recognise that everything happens by the will of God, and whatever happens is good for you.
Today, spiritual aspirants and devotees don’t have this kind of faith. It is because of their part-time devotion. You should become full-time devotees. From dawn to dusk, do your duty with a firm conviction that all duties belong to God. Do your duty with love. Only then will you attain perfection. God does not want you to give up anything.
When you can sing, think that it is God’s grace. God loves music. Therefore, singing devotional songs is also a service to society. If you are doing some work, consider it as worship.
Divine Discourse 30 April 1997
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