Why people conduct Sadhana for 7 days (Nama Saptaha)?
The number 7 has great importance because it signifies 7 musical notes, 7 colours, 7 oceans, and 7 great sages (rishis). That is why people conduct chanting of the divine Name for 7 days (Nama Saptaha).
Divine Discourse 17 Aug 1996
What does one get by contemplating on God’s names?
Sweeter than sugar, tastier than curd, sweeter indeed than honey are the Names of Rama and Krishna. Constant repetition of these sweet Names gives one the taste of divine nectar itself. Therefore, contemplate on the Names of Rama and Krishna incessantly.
Divine Discourse 4 Sep 1996
How can Gopikas devotion be described?
The cowherd maidens (gopikas) led their lives in constant contemplation of Krishna while discharging their worldly duties. They had no formal education and no degrees. They neither went to a university nor studied any Upanishads. The Name of Krishna was the only Upanishad and scripture (sastra) they knew. The Name Gopala (a name for Krishna) was the only Veda they studied. In this manner, they sanctified their lives in the constant contemplation of Krishna. They also enjoyed all types of worldly happiness.
Divine Discourse 4 Sep 1996
Why is the tongue considered sacred by spiritual aspirants?
Oh tongue, you are very sacred because you can experience the taste of divinity. You are not satisfied by tasting ordinary sweet juice. But there is one juice that is most sublime and sweet. That is the Name of the Lord. Therefore, chant Govinda, Damodara, Madhava. Its sweetness never changes or diminishes. It enters your heart and saturates your entire life with sweetness.
Divine Discourse 5 Sep 1996
What is the remedy to fight the evil tendencies that are rampant in society?
Fear of sin has gone,
Evil deeds are rampant,
Devotion to God is wavering.
To fight these tendencies
Chanting the name of the Lord
Is the only remedy, oh man!
Divine Discourse 19 Nov 1996
Which is more powerful, the name or form of the God?
Once, a lady approached Kaushalya. When Kaushalya enquired who she was, the lady replied: “Mother! Don’t you know that my son leapt over the sea in one jump? I am the mother of Hanuman.”
A short while later, another lady came there. She informed Kaushalya that the sea over which Hanuman leapt in one hop, was drunk by her son in one gulp. “I am the mother of Agasthya, who performed this feat,” she said. Kaushalya smiled on hearing their claims. She said: “For your son leaping over the sea or for your son drinking the waters in one gulp, it was the name of Ramachandra which made it possible. I am the mother of Rama.” The three ladies were conversing in this manner. There is a saying that when three ladies meet even stars will tumble down during the day!
While they were discussing who among them was great, Rama joined them. “What are you discussing?” He asked. Kaushalya said: “Son! By chanting your name Hanuman was able to leap over the sea. This was possible because of your grace.” She went on: “Again, by the power of your name, Agasthya drank the sea in one gulp. This also was by your grace. I am supremely fortunate in giving birth to such a son.”
Rama, who was utterly egoless, then told the three ladies: “These feats are not the result of my grace. This body was given the name Rama at birth. It ‘is the power of this name that has enabled them to accomplish such heroic feats. It is because this name was given to me I was able to overcome the valiant Ravana.”
Thus, the name of the Lord is all powerful. By chanting the name of God, all latent powers in man are awakened.
Divine Discourse 11 April 1997
What is the power of the lord’s name and efficacy of Namasmarana?
How does the chanting of the lord’s name transform the devotee? Every word that we utter sets in motion waves that fill the world. The radio waves sent out from the broadcasting station in Delhi reach out to every part of the world. Namasmarana is the best way to purify the heart. Today the atmosphere is filled with the discordant and disturbing noises of various kinds. These radio waves get into the minds of people and pollute their thoughts. Hence, if we wish to listen to pure sounds, the atmosphere must be free from pollution. The pollution cycle starts from smoke and clouds and ends in the food we eat. Hence the state of our minds depends on the kind of food we constant. The nature of the food depends on the environment. The environment is determined by human actions. Today men’s actions are not along right lines. Most devotees are like the fruits of the fig tree attractive to look at from the outside, but infested with worms inside. Devotees should strive to purify their hearts. For this purpose they have to chant the Lord’s name.
Divine Discourse 11 April 1997
What is true remembrance of God?
Ravana, for instance, used to repeat the five syllable Shiva Manthras “Namah Shivaya” constantly, but did not give up any of his demonic qualities because the recitation was done mechanically. On the other hand, Prahladha, though he was the son of a Rakshasa, repeated the Narayana Manthra–“Om namo Narayana” continually with all his heart and soul. This served to save him from all the terrible ordeals to which his father, Hiranyakashipu, subjected him. His father cast him from a precipice, had him trodden over by elephants, got him bitten by venomous reptiles, pushed him into the sea, but he came out unscathed from all these ordeals by chaining the Lord’s name from his heart. Every instrument of torture turned into the Lord’s form. It must be noted that reciting the Lord’s name with one’s whole heart is true Smarana. The chanting of the name should not be done to earn the approbation of others or for show. It is enough if one is able to please the Lord. In the process one becomes united with the Divine.
Divine Discourse 14 Sep 1997
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