What does prayer do to us?
Prayer awakens the inner Divinity of a person, which is immeasurable, invisible, and transcendental.
Divine Discourse 17 Aug 1996
Why and how should one pray?
To love God wholeheartedly and to experience His Divinity is devotion. Prayer is essential to develop love for God. True prayer comes from the heart, not merely from lips. Ravana repeated the Siva panchakshari mantra, “Om Namah Sivaya” continuously and performed intense penance. But there was no change in his demonic qualities. Why? Because his prayer did not come from his heart. His prayer was for a selfish motive
Divine Discourse 17 Aug 1996
Why did Kunthi [in Mahabharata] prayed to SriKrishna to bless her always with troubles?
Kunthi said: “Krishna! I don’t need anything. I have to enjoy Your support, Your guidance and Your nearness at all times. I must be blessed with troubles always. It is because my children experienced innumerable troubles during our exile in the forest, living on roots and fruits, that we found You were always with us, beside us and behind us and You saved us so many times. If we are to enjoy Your proximity we have to face troubles.”
Divine Discourse 22 Oct 1996
What is the right way to pray to God?
God is ready to offer anything you want. But you must be eligible to receive it, like a depositor who can withdraw money up to the amount of his deposit. The same rule applies to what one can receive from God. It depends on the size of his deposit with the Divine. Then the cheque of his prayer will be duly honoured. To enable your prayers to reach God you have to affix the stamp of ‘faith’ and address it with ‘love’. If you have faith and love, your prayers will reach God regardless of distance.
Divine Discourse 7 Sep 1997

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