What is the true meaning of transformation?
Transformation is not one specific object. It is the entire process of refinement by which people get rid of their bad thoughts and actions and cultivate good thoughts and do good acts in daily life.
Divine Discourse 22 Nov 1997
What should be the motto of every devotee?
There are four mottos, which all devotees should follow:
(1) Avoid bad company
(2) Welcome association with good persons.
(3) Remember always the transient and the permanent.
(4) Ceaselessly engage yourself in meritorious acts.
It is by these means that you become good.
Divine Discourse 23 Nov 1997
What are all areas of life where one should maintain strict control in life?
I want you to exercise control over five vital things in life.
First: “Do not waste money.” Realise that “Misuse of money is evil.” If you wish to keep a photo (of Bhagwan), have only one. Why do you waste money on buying too many photos? Do not go on buying photos.
Second: “Do not waste food.” Realise that “food is God.” Your body is the product of the food taken by your parents. Waste of food is waste of God.
Third: “Do not waste Time.” Time is God. The scriptures have extolled many ways God as the Master of Time. Time wasted is life wasted.
Fourth: “Do not waste energy.” Energy enters into every one of our actions. When you see, speak, hear, act or think energy is expended. In every one of these activities you should see that you do not waste your energies unnecessarily.
Fifth: “Do not forget God,” at any moment whatever you may be doing. God is present wherever you may go. He is with you, beside you and around you always. Hence there is no need for you to go to some temple to pray to God. Your heart is your temple. Turn your vision inward. Thereby understand the Atmic Principle.
Divine Discourse 23 Nov 1997