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How does selfless service help in progressing in spiritual path?
You may go to villages for doing Seva (service). Doing selfless service is the best way to cross the ocean of Samsara (transmigratory life). The Vedas declare, “Not by penance, not by undertaking pilgrimages to holy places, but by rendering service to humanity you can achieve the goal of liberation.” Ego is eliminated by the spirit of Service and thus it is linked to progress in spirituality.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997
What kind of an attitude should be developed for doing service?
You know the greatness of Hanuman who was the symbol of selfless service. He was endowed with mighty power, valour, strength and He was hailed as a great scholar of impeccable character. Yet when the demons in Sri Lanka, questioned him who He was, He never hesitated to reply that He was the servant of Shri Ramachandra. You will have to feel honoured to call yourself as a servant of God and humanity. If you start serving with the attitude that service to man is service to God you will find God there. The same thing you cannot experience in japa or dhyana. You have to “shut your mind and open your heart,” which happens while doing Seva.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997
How to get closer to God?
Every one should chant the name of God and engage in service in accordance with the advice given by Hanuman to Vibheeshana. He said, “Mere chanting Rama’s name won’t do. You should also engage yourself in Rama’s work.” Vibheeshana went on chanting the name but failed to make any effort to alleviate the suffering of Seetha and Rama on their separation while Hanuman engaged himself in the service of Rama.
Divine Discourse 19 July 1997
Who has to serve to whom?
All have to serve. Everyone is a servant in this world. The child is the servant of the mother; the mother is the servant of the child. The husband is the servant of his wife; the wife is his servant. The teacher is the servant of the students; the students are servants of the teacher. The government is the servant of its people; the people are servants of the government. Right from a king to a farmer, all are servants only. Looking at one’s wealth, one may consider oneself a master. But there is one and only one master. That is God. All others are servants only.
Divine Discourse 30 April 1997