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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Trichy was initially started in the Tamil Sangam Building, Main Guard Gate in the name of “Sri Sathya Sai Baktha Sabha” in the year 1962. The first president was Sri. Nataraja Iyer and the Secretary was Sri. Govindarajan. Initially a Bhajana Mandali was started at Thillai Nagar headed by Clarinet Vidwan, Sri. A.K.C Natarajan. The Tiruvanaikoil Bhajana Mandali was headed by Sri. Thatha Pillai and Sri.Thangavelu Pillai. The Kallukuzhi Bhajana Mandali was headed by Sri. T.P.Kailasam and Parthasarathy. The Golden Rock Bhajana Mandali was headed by Sri. T.V. Bakthavathsalam and Sri Venkataraman. Later on many Bhajana Mandalis were started all around Trichy District which went up to 24 during Swami’s visit to Trichy in the year 1966. During this year, Sri Sathya Sai Baktha Sabha was changed to Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Trichy.
Sri. Manikka Vasagam Pillai, the then President of Tamil Sangam, Trichy  a Sai devotee, was instrumental in permitting Sai Bhajans to function regularly at the Tamil Sangam Premises. Dr. V.K. Ranganathan, the then Chairman of Trichy Corporation, a Sai devotee was a great patron for all our organisation activities. In those days around 200 to 300 devotees used to attend regular bhajans.

Sri. Nataraja Iyer, the then President of SSSSO along with his son Sri Gopal travelled all round the year conducting daily bhajans and Sathsung at various places in Trichy. They both play Haribol and Ganjira and were the pioneers and instrumental  for many devotees to take part in the activities. Swami visited Trichy during the years 1948, 1964,1965,1966 and 1984. During His visit to Sri Renganatha Chettiar’s house in 1948, Swami was led in procession on an elephant in Big Bazaar Street. Each and every Sai Devotee of Trichy had their own experience to say about Swami, with many miracles for a lifetime.

During the Year 1992, the Trichy devotees planned to construct a permanent building for SSSSO, Trichy. Sri. Ramalingam, who was running a primary school at Aruna nagar, Srirangam, came forward to give his school ground free of cost to build Swami’s Building. He has also contributed many Building materials for the construction.

During the year 1993, when Swami blessed the Foundation Stone at Brindhavan, Whitefield, the same year a new building named “SRI
SATHYA SAI SPIRITUAL CENTRE” at Aruna Nagar, Srirangam was inaugurated on 22-09-1993 by the then State President, Maj Gen Mahadevan. A separate room for Swami was constructed in the first floor, for Swami’s stay during His visit to Trichy. From that day onwards, this Centre was projected as the Headquarters of SSSSO, Trichy.

There are 3 Buildings at Trichy and Pudukkotai districts which were constructed and donated to Sathya Sai Trust, Tamilnadu. Sri Sathya Sai centre, Pudukkotai during the year 1981, secondly, Sri Sathya Sai Spiritual Centre, Aruna Nagar, Srirangam during the year 1993 and  Sri Sathya Sai centre at K.K.Nagar during the year 1997.

Presently there are 15 Samithi’s and 18 Bhajana Mandali’s functioning at Trichy and Pudukkottai Districts

Office Bearers

Sl no Role
Name Mobile No Email Id
1 District President Dr.G.C.Vijaya Sai Prabu 9842454414
2 District Educational Coordinator Tamilarasi 6382565516
3 District Spiritual Coordinator (Male) V.Ravi 9865733534
4 District Spiritual Coordinator (Female) Dr.N.Vijayalakshmi 9443833674
5 District Service Coordinator (Male) T.Sivanthirajan 9751034787
6 District Service Coordinator (Female) S.Rameswari 9626848090
7 District Youth Coordinator (Male) S.Balasubramani 8760846103
8 District Youth Coordinator (Female) S.Karppagam 7904970723
9 District DM Coordinator Chandrasekar 9442464271
10 District IT Coordinator C.Shri Anandha Sai 9597317824
11 District Veda Coordinator Dr.P.Jayalakshmi 9940648379
12 District Village Coordinator B.V Ramesh 9345872200
13 District SRP Coordinator R.S.Baskar 6380116482